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A free shell service from Estonia

We provide Linux shell accounts, web hosting, eggdrop, ipv4, ipv6, you can ask your own ipv6 host *.fromhell.ee, and more, free of charge. The server runs Debian GNU/Linux 12 with the latest kernel, along with custom kernel patches to help keep our users safe. You can run IRC bouncers, compile your code with gcc, use irssi, weechat, and other clients for IRC chit-chat and much more. ZNC and eggdrop are also both pre-installed. Sign up for free, and visit us via IRC on irc.fromhell.ee at #fromhell.ee


Nothing is without its rules & regulations; fromhell.ee is no exception. Below are the site's service terms. Everything in this page should be clear to everyone who wishes to use our services, especially the service terms; failure to abide by them can result in such penalties as service bans & even legal action, depending on the severity of a violation. Be sure to read the terms carefully & understand them.

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You can chat with us at #fromhell.ee on our IRC server, irc.fromhell.ee using your favorite IRC client.

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